Smash Cakes

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Freeze your precious little mess-maker in action! This photography trend is just too precious. Get your order in now for a beautiful, fluffy, Smash Cake, just waiting for your perfect little one's 1st birthday photo session! (See pricing below)

This is an example of a basic 6"  buttercream-frosted cake. 

An example of a customized Smash Cake. 

Smash Cakes

*If you are also placing an order for your child's 1st birthday cake, receive a fluffy, 1 color 4" smash cake for only $15! Note: measurements are based on pre-frosted cake dimensions.

Custom Toppers extra, starting at $7. 

Want something a little more unique? Please contact me if you would like a Customized Smash Cake (standard pricing applies).

Helpful Hint: Fondant-covered cakes are not as easy for infants to rip into--if you want your child to really get into it for your photo session, buttercream is the way to go! 

Photos courtesy of Megan Fisher Photography