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To plan a cake and start the process of reserving your date, please review the information below and then message me your details on my Facebook page. 

Each of my cakes are created with quality in mind, where taste is as important as design. I'm a perfectionist, so I take my time on each cake to ensure a beautiful, edible, artistic creation! Since each custom cake is unique, so is it’s price.
*Looking for something other than a custom cake? Scroll to the bottom of this page for "Sara Elizabeth's Gourmet Sweets"!

Click here to see all available flavors, as well as a menu of delicious bakery-style cakes that I offer.

Custom cake prices begin at $200, with custom wedding cakes beginning at $300. 
The general guide below can serve as a baseline reference of what a cake may cost before customization. Most custom cakes are anything but basic, which is why you are here! Please anticipate that the quote for your custom cake will be higher than base prices. The price of your custom cake is based on the number of servings and more importantly, on your desired design. The more materials, skill, and time your cake requires, the more your cake will cost per serving. Please contact me and let me know the date of your event, the # of servings, and send any photos of the design you have in mind in order receive a quote for your custom cake.  

Base pricing includes the cake, filling, and a simple one-color buttercream or fondant exterior with a border. Custom design elements are charged in addition to base pricing.

Wedding Cakes 
Buttercream cakes: start at $4.00 per serving 
Fondant covered cakes: start at $5.00 per serving

Special Occasion / Birthday Cakes 
Buttercream cakes: Start at $3.50 per serving 
Fondant cakes: Start at $4.50 per serving 

Sculpted/ 3D Cakes
 Due to the materials, skill, time, and detail involved, carved cakes start at $250. The final price of your cake will depend upon the size and the complexity of the  chosen design. These cakes offer the biggest "WOW" factor!

Smash Cakes
My standard Smash Cakes are frosted with lots of fluffy piped buttercream, perfect for making a beautiful mess! If you are placing an order for a custom cake, I offer a 4" smash cake with a fluffy, one-color buttercream design for $15.  Customized smash cakes adhere to custom cake pricing. Custom fondant toppers are also available for your special cake.

NOTE:  Fondant-covered cakes are hard for infants to rip into, and can present a choking hazard. If you want your child to really get into it for your photo session, buttercream is definitely the way to go! 

A buttercream design on a 6" cake with a custom fondant topper.
What size of cake should I purchase?
Serving Sizes for a round 2 layer, 4” high cake:
Cake size (round)           
Party servings
 Wedding servings

Popular Wedding Cake Sizes: 
(Round Cakes) 
6" 8" 10" = 74 servings
4" 6" 8" 10" = 80 servings
8" 10" 12" = 118 servings
6" 10" 14" = 128 servings
6" 8" 10" 12" = 130 servings
8" 10" 12" 14" = 196 servings

I often book up in advance, sometimes months ahead of time. The sooner you contact me, the more likely I am to be available on your requested date. However, I always try to accommodate orders, so don't hesitate to inquire for your date--no matter how close it is!

We can plan your cake by phone, in person, or by email. The best way to communicate with me regarding your cake order is on my cake Facebook page, where you can both message me and send photos of what you have in mind. Seeing pictures of what you have in mind is very helpful to ensure that we are envisioning the same thing: colors, style, etc! "Simple," "fancy," "large," or "small" can mean very different things to two different people!


A non--refundable deposit of 50% of the total price of your custom cake order is due upon booking in order to reserve your date. Remaining balances are due no later than 2 weeks prior to delivery in order to avoid late/rush fees or even a possible cancellation of your order, if necessary. I accept cash, Paypal, and credit cards (I use a "Square" reader on my smartphone).

For larger, tiered cakes and wedding cakes, having it delivered is highly recommended. Driving with a cake in the car is a learned technique! Once the cake leaves my hands, I am no longer financially or otherwise responsible for the safe arrival of your cake. I cannot guarantee cakes from travel mishaps or other such travesties if someone other than myself delivers the cake. 
 Spanish Fork, Springville, Mapleton, and Provo: $25 
Orem: $35
American Fork: $45
SLC: $105
Park City: $110
Eagle Mountain: $75

Please contact me for a delivery estimate if your location is not listed above.

Delivery for out-of-state orders starts at $500 to cover airfare and hotels. Inquire for pricing.

Not just custom cakes . . . 
Sara Elizabeth's Gourmet Sweets

Sometimes you need something beautiful . . . a little more simple, but equally delicious.

Looking for something fancy and delicious to serve at your next event or special dinner? Check out my cake menu. Bakery cakes are on page 3 and 4.


  • One dozen, basic design: $24  (minimum order of 2 dozen required)                                       Note: A basic cupcake design consists of a piped frosting swirl design, one color, no             embellishments.  For custom cupcake designs, please contact me for pricing.
  • "Wild Rose"Cupcakes: $37/dozen                                                                                               This technique is one that Sara developed herself. You won't find these just anywhere! Each petal on these dreamy cupcakes has been piped on individually with a hard-to-find specialty piping tip. These gorgeous confections are created using a rich and luscious Swiss Meringue Buttercream on your favorite flavor of cupcake. Order a dozen for a special occasion or just for the heck of it, and go make somebody's day! 

CAKE BALLS:  Starts at $24/dozen .... refer to "Cake Bites" blog page for details

CAKE POPS:   Starts at $35/dozen .... refer to "Cake Bites" blog page for details

GOURMET CARAMEL APPLES: Priced individually--see my "Caramel Apple" page for varieties and pricing. Minimum order of 10 required, unless otherwise noted. Larger custom orders available. Contact for pricing.

I look forward to making your special day even sweeter!

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