Caramel Apples

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Home of the "Dapper Apple"! 

The juicy crunch of a fresh Granny Smith apple, covered in the sweet and sticky goodness of caramel and smooth rich chocolate then doused with your favorite toppings . . .  Sara Elizabeth Gourmet Caramel Apples are a delicious indulgence.

Descriptions of flavors are listed at the bottom of the page. Minimum order of 3 apples is required unless otherwise noted. Shipping is available October through April. Contact me for details. Thank you!

Signature Flavors & Pricing

Snickers Deluxe         $10

German Chocolate     $9

Triple Chocolate     $10

Salted Caramel         $8

The Classic         $8

Apple Pie&nbsp         $8

Chunky Cashew         $12

The "Dapper Apple"          $10

Deluxe Peanut         $9

Red, White, & Blue         $6

Nutty Caramel         $7.50

Bride & Groom         $22

"Big Daddy" Custom Apple      $12

'Stache Bride & Groom         $22

Apple Sundae         $8.50

*All of our apples come attractively gift-wrapped with cellophane and a ribbon, ready to make someone's day a little sweeter. Whether as gifts or as event handouts, our apples make an impression! We also offer Deluxe Gift wrap options, as well as Customized Toppers for that perfect personal touch. Please browse through our apple selections below for additional "special occasion" gift wrap options and pricing. Follow my Facebook page for current promotions!

Special Occasions / Custom Options

   "Thank You" Gift Set:     5 for $34

  "Thank You" Gift Wrap: Add-on     $1

  "Your Logo Here" Gift Set:  5 Apples with Custom Logo $40

 "Your Logo" Custom Topper: Add-on      $5

  Mother's Day Gift Wrap: Add-on      $1

  Mother's Day Promotion:  Buy 3, get 4th 50% off!

  "Best Dad Ever" Topper sample

  Father's Day Promotion:   Buy 3, get 4th 50% off!

  "Happy Father's Day" Topper sample

  Father's Day Gift Wrap: Add-on  $1

  "Uniquely You" Custom-designed Topper: Add-on    $5

  "The Apple of Our Eye" Gift Wrap: Add-on  $1  -  Great for Teachers!

Gourmet Caramel Apple Flavors (in order of above display):

Snickers Deluxe:  This apple is covered in a full coat of Caramel, a full coat of Chocolate, then rolled in Chopped Snickers, finally drizzled generously with white chocolate.     $10

German Chocolate:  Dipped in Caramel, then Chocolate, then sprinkled generously with fresh coconut and pecans--delicious!    $9

Triple Chocolate: Perfect for the chocolate fanatic! One fresh apple, dipped in caramel, then a full coat of semi-sweet chocolate completed with stripes of white and milk chocolate.    $10

Salted Caramel: This classy apple is dipped in caramel, then receives a full coat of melt-in-your mouth chocolate before being lightly sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt:  
"Referred to a the purest salt in the world, Himalayan Pink Salt comes from the heart of the Himalayan mountains. With hues of pink, red and white, these vibrant colors are a sign of this salt's rich and varying mineral content."    $8

The Classic: Simple, elegant, delicious! This fresh apple is dipped in a full coat of caramel, a coat of chocolate, and finished with a light drizzle of white chocolate. $8

Apple Pie: A twist on a classic dessert, this scrumptious gourmet apple is doused in caramel, dipped in white chocolate, then rolled in a cinnamon/sugar mixture. Truly reminiscent of Grandma's melt-in-your-mouth apple pie.   $8

Chunky Cashew: This decadent apple is coated in caramel, then rolled in large cashew pieces, and smothered in just-enough chocolate, allowing the cashews to peek through.   $12

The "Dapper Apple": My signature apple, this creative apple design is the perfect gift for the hard-workers in your life! Dipped in Caramel, a full coat of creamy white chocolate, and then a "suit" coat of rich semi-sweet chocolate, complete with a mustache topper, and hand-piped buttons and necktie that mean business! $10  
Missionary Suit "Dapper Apple" *as seen at the top of the page*  $12

* You can CUSTOMIZE this apple for an additional $3. Request you guy's favorite basic tie pattern or color, and we'll do our best to replicate it. 

Deluxe Peanut:
This classic combo consists of a fresh apple dipped in caramel and then a full coat of chocolate, then completely rolled in chopped peanuts, finally drizzled with more chocolate.  $9

Red, White, & Blue: Show your pride! This festive apple is dipped in a full coat of caramel, then completely covered in patriotic-colored non-pariels. (Seasonal item, contact for availability.)    $7

Nutty Caramel: This traditional caramel apple has a coat of caramel, and is rolled in peanuts on the bottom, with 2 different types of chocolate drizzled over top. Simple perfection!   $7.50

Bride & Groom: As if newlyweds aren't sweet enough! 
The groom's apple is coated with caramel, then a full coat of white chocolate, followed by a "tuxedo" of semi-sweet chocolate, completed with buttons and a black ribbon, or mustache.
The bride's apple is coated with white chocolate and white chocolate wedding dress piping, complete with a white ribbon.   $22 for the set of 2, or $11 a piece

"Big Daddy" Custom Apple: Want to splurge for your special someone? Give them a large, fresh, juicy apple, dipped in a full coat of caramel and then rich chocolate, generously smothered in their FAVORITE candy bar pieces (of your choosing*), drizzled in both white and dark chocolate.  $12
*Please choose from standard, easily-found grocery aisle candy bars: Twix, Snickers, Kit Kat, Reese's Pieces, M&M's, Mounds, etc . . .

'Stache Bride and Groom: (see description above for Bride & Groom Apple--identical apples, different topper)    $22 for the set of 2, or $11 a piece

Apple Sundae:  This apple is dipped in caramel, then chocolate, then sprinkled with nuts, and drizzled on the top and bottom with 2 different chocolates.   $8.50